Carthage Veterinary Service COVID-19 Pork Industry Update May 22, 2020

  1. Carthage Veterinary Service is working diligently to support you and the industry through the current crisis.  This is a status update to hit industry highlights and our focus on the following 3 KEY areas:
    1. Keep packing plants running in full production 
    2. If required, support depopulation and disposal 
    3. Indemnity payments for loss of livestock

Keeping Plants Open

    1. Regional idle plant capacity improved to 16% while Rantoul, St. Joseph, Logansport and Waterloo continued to increase processing capacity this week.
    2. Week 21 data through Thursday has total head slaughtered at 1.4M and average carcass weight reduced slightly to 218lbs. Final market data for the week will be published on Monday.

    4. We have continued to explore options for alternate slaughter capacity. We have identified some potential solutions for small numbers of heavy hogs, however numbers are very limited at this point.  If you have market hogs over 340 lbs and would like to discuss these options, please reach out to Beau Peterson or Aaron Lower.  We will continue to explore creative solutions and keep you updated as we progress.

Depopulation and Disposal

    1. Dr. Toohill is working with the Missouri Department of Agriculture and Dr. Strubberg on COVID19 impacts and producer needs. Will continue to push the state for assistance on disposal options for producers – including landfill and carbon costs, transportation needs and funding options.


    1. No new updates


    1. USDA CFAP (Coronavirus Food Assistance Program)
      • Reminder: Applications will be accepted beginning Tuesday, May 26.
      • Additional information and application forms can be found at Producers will apply through their local FSA office. Applications will be accepted through August 28, 2020.