Carthage Veterinary Service COVID-19 Pork Industry Update May 29, 2020

Carthage Veterinary Service is working diligently to support you and the industry through the current crisis.  This is a status update to hit industry highlights and our focus on the following 3 KEY areas: 

    1. Keep packing plants running in full production 
    2. If required, support depopulation and disposal 
    3. Indemnity payments for loss of livestock

 Keeping Plants Open

    1. Packing plants continue to increase daily production and working to reach full capacity. Regional Illinois packing plants are being reported at 86% capacity.
    2. Week 21 finished with a total head slaughtered at 1.9M and steady with last week. Average carcass weight holds around 220lbs. Click here for the complete Slaughter Data report. Week 22 data will be available online Monday, June 1.

Depopulation and Disposal

    1. Iowa launches disposal assistance program
      • Offering producers $40 per approved animal to cover some of the disposal cost for market-ready hogs less than 225 lbs.
      • Producers must provide documentation, including proof of proper disposal, and an affidavit from their herd veterinarian confirming impending welfare issues, to receive funding. Please let us know if you need documentation.
      • Each approved applicant will receive funding for at least 1,000 animals and up to 30,000 animals per round
      • Applications for the first round must be submitted by today, May 29 with the second round opening again on June 1. Visit for complete details.
    2. Illinois Approves $5 million budget for livestock relief from CARES Act
      • Illinois General Assembly voted to approve the $5 million budget with guidance from the U.S. Treasury to stipulate that funds would be used to assist livestock producers that were forced to make those last resort decisions to depopulate due to supply chain disruptions from COVID-19.
      • IPPA is working with Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) to determine the rule making process for the grant process. More details will be released from IPPA when available.
    3. Illinois Pork Mortality Disposal Grant
      • IL Pork launched a small producer grant earlier this week. Grant funds can be requested up to $3,000. Click here for the application.
    4. Mobile Euthanasia Trailer
      • The construction and testing phase is still being complete on the mobile euthanasia trailer that was approved. The trailer will be owned by IPPA when complete and they are working on liability waivers for use of the trailer by IL producers. Please contact us if you need to request use of the trailer for depopulation.


    1. No updates


    1. USDA CFAP (Coronavirus Food Assistance Program)
      • Applications are now being accepted! Visit for details on how to apply, or call your local FSA Service Center.
      • Applications will be accepted through August 28, 2020.