Integrated Veterinary Network, LLC

We are pleased to announce that Carthage Veterinary Service, LTD and Four Star Veterinary Service, LLC have entered into a new joint venture called Integrated Veterinary Network, LLC.  Four Star’s footprint in the eastern corn belt and Carthage’s practice area in the Midwest creates a company footprint covering a large portion of the swine production region of the US.  The combined companies have 23 veterinarians on staff with each individual veterinarian bringing unique expertise to the combined company.

Both companies will continue to operate under their current business names but will be able to deliver more comprehensive solutions through the joint venture.  We believe we will be able to assist you in making your operation more successful by:

  • Utilizing our highly-skilled veterinarians and allied experts to empower you with the knowledge, technologies, and science to build sustainable animal protein production.
  • Conduct research and analyze performance data to drive health and production solutions.
  • Together we will implement welfare solutions that are best for the animals.
  • Educate and implement the best sustainability practices for long term environmental stewardship.
  • Provide a competitive source of products to improve animal health and client sustainability.

We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to continuing to partner with you in the future.