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CVS Nutrition Director

Basic Function: The CVS Nutrition Director will be responsible for working with clients to increase their understanding of the effect of diets and nutrition strategies on the health, productivity and well-being of all phases of swine production including sows, replacement gilts, boars, nursery, grower and finisher pigs.   This position provides expertise and guidance on swine feed and nutrition to clients throughout the industry.  The CVS Nutrition Director will also be an advisor and partner to the CISS research team.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Nutrition- 80% of time:

  • Establishes feeding programs with clients for all phases of production including sows, replacement gilts, boars, nursery, grower & finisher
  • Provide technical support to the veterinary team for clients that have a primary nutritionist that is not CVS. Work with those companies and maintain supportive relationships.
  • Enhance existing customer relationships and grow the business through prospecting of new customer relationships
  • Develops and manage effective working relationships with clients and feed mills to deliver and receive timely market information
  • Collaborates and shares best practices with PSM Nutritionist.
  • Work with CVS Records to provide custom data analytics to customers to evaluate productivity, feeding programs, marketing, and financial performance. These will primarily be based in Metafarms, FBS, Porcitec, and Power BI.
  • Manage ingredient costs for clients through benchmarking and analysis. Explore opportunities for group product formulation and sourcing to decrease feed costs.
  • Become trusted advisor that develops quality recommendations that enable client success. Understand research quality and ROI regarding production/health products marketed to clients.
  • Develops a clear understanding of local, national, & world markets & trends
  • Maintains current understanding of nutritional trends and keeps up to date with regulatory changes
  • Participate in scientific and industry meetings, events and seminars as a representative of the Company. Self marketing through presentations at industry meetings and articles submitted to trade publications.
  • Researches industry trends and makes sound recommendations to clients
  • Complies with company standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Research- 20% of time:

  • Advisor to the CISS team
  • Serves on the research committee
  • Assists the research team with securing contract research projects, study design, and interpretation of results.
  • Continues to foster business relationships with current and future key research clients.
  • Provides support to Veterinary Research Facility.
  • New and existing product development work focused on bringing solutions to clients and the industry


Education and Work Experience:

  • Requires PhD in Nutrition or related field AND
  • A minimum of 4 years industry experience

Job skills required

  • Possess knowledge of analytical techniques

  • Ability to build trust and long term relationships with customers and colleagues

  • Demonstrate knowledge of overall business strategy and operations

  • Proficiency in nutrition analysis

  • Proficiency in spreadsheet, database, word processing software

  • Demonstrate the skills to understand the interactions between nutrition and pig performance and develop farm specific solutions to optimize customer results.

  • Demonstrate negotiation and interpersonal communication skills

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of domestic and international trade

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