Partner and Veterinarian

William L. Hollis, DVM

Partner and Veterinarian

Dr. William (Bill) Hollis is a partner and veterinarian at Carthage Veterinary Service, LTD and is active in all aspects of the business. He joined CVS in 1996 and focuses exclusively on swine. When he joined, he managed only two sow herds and was in discussions with local producers to build the first commercial “sow center” in the area. At that time, hog producers were solely responsible for their own breeding, farrowing and labor needs.  Over his first 10 years at Carthage, the focus was more on breeding stock farms and a few commercial herds.  During that time, CVS was able to prove to the hog producers in and out of the area that they could manage large groups of employees while also producing pigs in larger farms.

He is a frequent speaker to industry groups and companies with an interest in building a stronger technical base on swine management. Areas of focus for Dr. Hollis include project development and implementation of producer networks; on-farm employee training; marketing for all phases of production from weaned pigs and sows to grow-finisher pigs; and development of tools for gilt scheduling and production projections.

He feels very fortunate to work with families who trust Carthage with their investment to manage their hog farms over the years. Throughout his 21 years, his responsibility has been to the producer owners and pig buyers we service. He works with families from many Midwestern states and his role is to help bring the producer groups together and assist with organization and pig flow.  For Dr. Hollis, it is very rewarding to see several generations of producers now introduce their business operations to their children and grandchildren.

In the future, he sees CVS continue to help producers with healthy pig production.  CVS currently invests more time in training and education which includes bringing producer groups together to see new building designs and ventilation systems.  Another exciting area of opportunity and growth is where our producers are investing in meat packing plants, especially with new plants currently under construction.

Dr. Hollis has consulted with Land O’Lakes, Zoetis, ELANCO, National Pork Producers Council, and the University of Illinois on managing swine health. Dr. Hollis holds a B.S. degree in Animal Science from the University of Illinois. He obtained his DVM degree from the University of Illinois in 1996.

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