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29th Annual Swine Conference

We hope to see you on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at our Annual Swine Conference!

Job Opportunities

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    CISS Senior Research Manager

    The Senior Research Manager will have primary responsibility for leading and developing a team of research professionals tasked with the execution of research in a multidisciplinary applied swine science program.  The Senior Research Manager will work directly with outside partners, internal stakeholders, and the CISS team to ensure resources are in place to execute high quality research and drive business growth by providing best in class research execution and technical acumen.

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    CISS Research Manager

    The Research Manager is responsible for leading a team of Research Associates focused on conducting cutting-edge research within commercial research facilities. The Research Manager will also be responsible for performing data analysis, writing protocols and reports, and verifying that research trials are conducted according to company SOP’s and quality standards.

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    Veterinary Research Facility Site Manager – Swine Research

    The Veterinary/Research Facility (VRF) manager is directly responsible for overseeing research trials that are conducted at the VRF to ensure that the projects are following company standard operating procedures and trial protocols. In addition, the VRF manager will work with veterinarians on projects to assist clients in maintaining and improving herd health.

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    Nutrition Director

    The CVS Nutrition Director will be responsible for working with clients to increase their understanding of the effect of diets and nutrition strategies on the health, productivity and well-being of all phases of swine production including sows, replacement gilts, boars, nursery, grower and finisher pigs.   This position provides expertise and guidance on swine feed and nutrition to clients throughout the industry.  The CVS Nutrition Director will also be an advisor and partner to the CISS research team.

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