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All of our research occurs in state-of-the-art facilities, allowing us to bring to the table the most accurate data for your farm.

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Our teams work hard to answer questions and conduct cutting-edge research so that they can help solve key issues facing the swine industry.

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Research that maximizes sow and growing pig performance


At Carthage Innovative Swine Solutions, LLC (CISS), we perform research that maximizes sow and growing pig performance. CISS has access to state-of-the-art commercial breed-to-wean and wean-to-finish facilities, as well as a veterinary research facility designed to provide practical sow and growing pig nutrition, health, production, and housing research to the swine industry.

Our dedicated staff of scientists and research assistants have a history of leading in quality and detailed sow and wean-to-finish nutrition, health, and production research that can be applied to production systems around the world. CISS has an established Animal Care Committee to ensure trials are conducted properly.

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From lactation to pen gestation, we do research in state of the art facilities.

Research Facilities

Veterinary Research Facility (VRF)

The VRF facility was constructed in 2013 to allow CISS
to do infectious disease research.

This facility allows our stakeholders opportunities to do
more basic science and discovery work.

The facility has the capacity for 16 sows and litters or
200 nursery/grower pigs that can be housed
in 4 separate airspaces.

Sow Research

Our research occurs in a 6,000 breed-to-wean sow facility with state-of-the-art lactation, gestation, and pen gestation feeding systems and housing.

These feeding systems allow for the measurement of daily individual sow feed intake. Individual sows and litters can be weighed to capture accurate data for statistically valid trials. Subsequent reproductive performance can be recorded to truly understand the effects of a treatment on overall sow reproduction.

The facility has the capability to run 2 gestation diets to sows housed in pens using ESF technology from day 30 -112 of gestation providing for stage of gestation research. Facilities are coordinated so offspring of sow studies can be flowed into wean to finish facilities and data captured through harvest. The system is ideally suited for genetic studies, as well as, nutritional studies from conception to harvest.


We conduct research on two 2,400 head wean-to-finish facilities in Illinois. These facilities use an electronic feeding system, allowing for unique research from conception through harvest. The research site has four rooms (1,200 pigs per room) and 50 pens per side. Each side has an in-ground scale and a water measurement system for each pen.

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Focused on outcome research, science and discovery, and consultation

Our Teams

Outcome Research

The outcome research team focuses on answering questions concerning health, nutrition, and production in both sow and growing pig facilities.

Science and Discovery

The science and discovery team conducts cutting-edge research, focused on novel ideas, science, and products to help solve key questions facing the swine industry.

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Consultation Services

Consultation Services assists other companies with protocol development and data analysis. Set up a consultation with us today so that we can answer your questions.

Conducting cutting-edge research to help solve key questions facing the swine industry

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