Managing Swine Records for Over 30 years


We oversee records for over 350,000 females across multiple software systems. Learn more about what we can do to improve your breed to wean productivity and profitability.


Your feed conversion matters. Your ADG matters. Your wean-to-marketing mortality matters. We can help you track where you are and where you need to be.

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We provide peace of mind while saving you time and money.

  • Improve your overall efficiency
  • Maximize your profitability
  • Understand health issues

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In addition to Porcitec and PigCHAMP bureauing, we are knowledgeable and able to access a variety of other swine management software systems such as PigKNOWS, MetaFarms, and Swine Management Systems. We oversee records for over 350,000 females across multiple software systems, and we are a distributor of PigCHAMP software.

Data Entry Options

OCR – Optical Character Recognition:
• Technology integrated with both Porcitec and PigCHAMP
• Allows staff to fill out forms in barn as tasks are performed
• Forms are scanned and emailed for processing into database each day

Manual Entry
• Sow Cards can be sent in and hand entered by the team
• Team can also upload data from Excel templates

Database Hosting
• You can manage your own records, but still host your database on our server
• Secure login with regular data backups

• Increase data entry efficiency
• Instant data validation
• Complete female histories
• Customizable task lists


• Team experienced with Microsoft Excel data analysis, database querying
• Reporting across industry software platforms
• Weekly, Quarterly, Annual Reporting
• Herd Visits/Vet Consultation
• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• Special Data Requests

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Our team has decades of swine reproductive data management experience.


Our team collects and analyzes data to help you make better feed, marketing, and sales decisions to improve
your wean to market productivity and profitability. We also utilize MetaFarms software.


• Weekly death loss worksheets
• Group closeout reports
• Load weight distribution charts and marketing
• Benchmarking available to compare your farm anonymously to other producers by packer
• Statistical Process Control (SPC) performed on key performance indicators

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Saving you time and money by improving your overall efficiency and maximizing your profitability

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