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Hands-on experiences matter. Our classroom and production facilities optimize your ability to learn.

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We have a wide variety of lessons to choose from for your training, and if none of them fit your needs, we are happy to create one for your team.

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Emerging Leadership Program

This program is uniquely designed to provide exceptional experiences and a strong foundation of leadership skills.

Our Objectives

  • Create the next generation of trained leaders.
  • Provide international colleagues opportunities to learn.
  • Provide comprehensive pork industry training.
  • Continually educate people.
  • Give university students on-farm research and production experience.

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Carthage Learning and Development Center

Our classroom training is right next to a demo facility that features current swine products and equipment.

Biosecurity matters. Pigs are absent in the training facility. This allows our domestic or international learners to become familiar with a barn design, understand how the equipment is used, and familiarize themselves with the environment without direct livestock exposure that could increase their return down time. And if they want to go to a farm, we can.

Combining years of veterinary and production experience, our team of specialized staff will help meet your company needs.

NOTE: Our policy requires 5 nights downtime after arrival in the US prior to livestock contact experiences.

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Unique, beneficial training courses with customized experiences created to fit your team

Choose from these popular topics or send us a request.


Immunology and Vaccinology

Gilt Development

Sow Health and Productivity

Breeding Management

Maintenance of a Healthy Sow Population

Artificial Insemination Technique

Euthanasia Techniques

Swine Facilities

Swine Health

Production Skills

Animal Nutrition

Carthage System Overview

Current and Future Production Finishing Systems

Biosecurity in Today’s Production System

PQA, PQA Youth, and TQA

Farrowing Preparation

The First Few Hours

Weaning Management

Wean-to-Finish Overview

Starting Pigs

Vaccine Handling

Respiratory Diseases

Enteric Diseases


  • Learn hands-on
  • Utilize modern technology
  • Customized to your learning needs
  • Based on best management practices
  • Conducted at a time convenient to you

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