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The Swine Veterinarian Assistant is responsible for providing technical support to our team of swine veterinarians as well as direct support of swine producer clients of Carthage Veterinary Service (CVS), supporting both health and production needs of progressive swine farms. This role will provide practical and scientifically sound technical skills and expertise in health management including biosecurity; disease control and treatment; regulatory, animal well-being and food safety requirements.  The Swine Veterinarian Assistant is primarily responsible for supporting and supplementing CVS swine veterinarians as they interact with CVS clients, caretakers and associated farm support staff, providing verification of swine herd health while ensuring adherence to standard operating procedures and production practices. Success in this role will require active collaboration with their CVS swine veterinarian teammates, providing clients with fiscally and socially responsible strategies for managing the health of their swine farms.


  • Accompany CVS swine veterinarians to herd visits
  • Assist lead veterinarians to perform tasks, such as: necropsies, diagnostic sample collection and boar epididymectomies
  • Where feasible, assisting with Spanish translation needs
  • Hygiene and sanitation inspections completed per CVS swine veterinarian direction
  • Ad hoc sample collection
  • Independent visits to swine client farms to collect subjective and objective observations, supporting veterinary recommendations and decision making
  • Conduct 3rd party audits, such as: Common Swine Industry Audit (CSIA)
  • PQA Site Assessments – outside herds
  • Routine reporting of client diagnostic results
  • Routine participation in client production staff meetings with associated follow-up with CVS swine vet teammates
  • Assist Carthage Innovative Swine Solutions at the Veterinary Research Farm as needed
  • Debrief Herd Visit Reports with the farm team per CVS swine veterinarian direction
  • Works closely with farm personnel to assess health issues and coordinates with CVS swine veterinarians to develop and implement effective health management strategies
  • Identifies animals in need of medical attention and communicates effectively with the CVS swine veterinarians, producer and/or caretakers
  • Collaboratively works with the Carthage team as well as our clients to communicate and implement improved processes around production management, health management, genetic improvement, and bio security
  • Assists in training personnel on proper animal husbandry practices for client farms
  • Performs appropriate diagnostic tests to determine the cause of illness as appropriate
  • Complies with company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Complies with the practices and principals of client biosecurity expectations to safeguard health of their swine herd



  • Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science or equivalent is required AND
  • Minimum of 1 year working with swine farms


Knowledge and Skills:

  • Possess advanced interpersonal communication skills
  • Bilingual in English/Spanish, preferred
  • Willingness to deflect questions to lead veterinarians
  • Swine sample collection including venipuncture, nasal swabs and oral fluids
  • Swine necropsies and associated tissue sample collection
  • Epididymectomies
  • Pig and piglet restraint methods for diagnostic sample collection
  • Possess knowledge of analytical and diagnostic techniques
  • In depth understanding of the pork industry
  • Demonstrate knowledge of overall business strategy and operations
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office software


Mental and Physical Requirements:

  • Demonstrate ability to excel within an accelerated work environment
  • Willingness to flex schedule as needed to support urgent client health needs
  • Possess the motivation to be a self-starter and ability to work without in person supervision
  • Ability to sit, stand, bend, kneel, walk for extended periods of time
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs.
  • Ability and willingness to travel with occasional overnight stays

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