2017 ASAS Midwestern Sections Meeting

The CISS team was successfully represented at the 2017 ASAS Midwestern Sections meetings by Laura Greiner, Amanda Graham and Luis Ochoa.  It was encouraging to see that the work conducted by CISS was of high quality and highly relevant to the industry.  This was evident not only by the large attendance at CISS’s seminars, but also by the large number of key industry and academy leaders that were present in the audience.  We are proud of our work and really thank everyone in the CISS

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AASV Awards

Laura Greiner, CVS Nutrition Director, received one of the three $35,000 2017 BI Awards for Advancing Research in Respiratory Disease.  Her research proposal that will be conducted through CISS is to investigate the impact of PRRS vaccination in piglets on lifetime performance. In addition, Laura received an additional $2,500 for the completion and release of her previous BI Award Proposal which evaluated different methods to reduce PRRS transmission in lairages. KT Wright, an owner in multiple Carthage System farms, received the Heritage Award of the American

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Sick Pig or Hungry Pig?

With a few basic observations, pig caretakers can quickly learn to identify sick pigs vs. hungry pigs and manage them accordingly. Clayton Johnson DVM  | Mar 17, 2017 Starting wean pigs is the most critical task in Wean-to-Finish production.  Pigs that start well quickly hit “cruise control” and unless interrupted by disease will experience rapid growth and feed conversion all the way to marketing.  Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, pigs that don’t start well require increased caretaker attention and resources.  Hard starting groups fight

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Integrated Veterinary Network, LLC

We are pleased to announce that Carthage Veterinary Service, LTD and Four Star Veterinary Service, LLC have entered into a new joint venture called Integrated Veterinary Network, LLC.  Four Star’s footprint in the eastern corn belt and Carthage’s practice area in the Midwest creates a company footprint covering a large portion of the swine production region of the US.  The combined companies have 23 veterinarians on staff with each individual veterinarian bringing unique expertise to the combined company. Both companies will continue to operate under

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