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Carthage Veterinary Service COVID-19 Pork Industry Update June 22, 2020

CVS Clients – as we continue to move through this challenging time in the pork industry, we are continuing to monitor the situation and will continue to provide you with periodic updates.  Now that we are starting to see things normalize, or at least reach a new normal, our updates will not be as frequent as they have been in the past.  As always, if there is breaking information that is time sensitive, we will get it out to you as soon as possible.  Our

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USDA Updates ASF Response Plan

Provided by Ohio Country Journal | June 2020   In late May, USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) updated its African swine fever (ASF) strategic plan and expanded it into a full response as part of ongoing efforts to strengthen response capabilities in the event of an outbreak. The USDA APHIS USDA Response Plan: The Red Book May 2020 elevates preparedness activities in the United States should ASF enter the country. ASF is an animal disease affecting only pigs and with no human

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Is African Swine Fever Biocontainment in China Changing Management?

Provided by Farm Journal’s Pork | June 2020 Source: Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) Since African swine fever (ASF) was diagnosed in China in August 2018, veterinarians have been studying the virus’s characteristics and learning how to manage in barns. The Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) is monitoring these processes as part of its mission of preparedness for foreign animal disease management for the US national herd. Two US-based practitioners have experience with ASF management practices in China and shared their perspectives with SHIC. Joe

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Carthage Veterinary Service COVID-19 Pork Industry Update June 5, 2020

Carthage Veterinary Service is working diligently to support you and the industry through the current crisis.  This is a status update to hit industry highlights and our focus on the following 3 KEY areas: Keep packing plants running in full production If required, support depopulation and disposal Indemnity payments for loss of livestock Keeping Plants Open Packing plant capacity continues to increase with regional Illinois plants at 88% of full capacity. Week 22 total head slaughtered was up again for the 3rd consecutive week and

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